29th Oct

Get your Monsters!!!

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Big news for United Kingdom players!

You can play FIGHT MY MONSTER on the go without access to the net!  With your parent or guardian’s permission & assistance, you can now purchase your very own MONSTER CARDS to play on the go!  Have a couple of your favorite monsters you want to add to your real world deck of FMM Cards?  No problem!

Each pack comes with 6 Monster Cards – and you can choose 2 booster cards to replace with 2 Monster Cards from your virtual album!  Have your parents help you check out the Virtual2Real hot air balloon in the new & updated MONSTER CENTRAL when you’re logged into your FMM account!

Non-UK players:
Let us know what country you are in and if you also want the Virtual2Real Monster Cards available to purchase. >:E
The more feedback the better!

Posted by Brawny the Informed

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19 Responses to Get your Monsters!!!

  1. Guy1207 says:

    im in the USA (United states of America) and i think it would be AWESOME for V2real cards to be purchased

  2. XxQuakerxX says:


  3. lilcutie52 says:

    how do u get membership

  4. laraib says:

    My account is not working!
    whenever i try to log in it doesent work!!!
    can anybody help????

    • COOKSTERV4 says:

      Did you break the rules ? because you may have been deactivated or even BANNED if you did

  5. Roran says:


  6. laraib says:

    I am soooooooooooo getting them! Fightmymonster is getting better and better I bet soon it will be the no.1 website! where do you post your ideas and comments?
    I want there to be FMM magazines!

  7. COOKSTERV4 says:

    One thing at a time guys am sure theyll look at our ideas later right now there busy making cards as its nearly christmas maybe in the new year theyll post an idea section on the blog

  8. COOKSTERV4 says:

    Also when will the dojo area in monsters be open ?

  9. snowdove says:

    live in USA that would be so cool to get the! can u get the monsters u made or bought into cards though?

  10. mapple8 says:

    I’m in the USA and both me and my brother love FMM and would love some cards. :)

  11. panchito says:

    thank you

  12. panchito says:

    whats up peeps

  13. matmat889 says:

    i mite give you a card

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