12th Oct

Epic Fights!

Posted by Brawny the Informed. Posted in GENERAL NEWS

Check out this new video from FMMtv!  (Also, click the link and check out the additional secrets to earn more Gold Nuggets in the video description).

Would kind of videos would you like to see FMMtv make?
Tell us in the comments.  Great comments have a big chance for wee pressies from Grod!

Posted by Brawny the Informed

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14 Responses to Epic Fights!

  1. Funny654 says:

    can you put my epic fight with my monster IWackedYOU THAT I HAD 4 AND cas3223 had96 thanks grod.

  2. massicool says:

    hey grod u alwase get the best videos for fmmtv plus im lovin fight my monster.
    grod thx for makin the game

  3. missbarbie1 says:

    i love it on here and i really need someone to log on and friend me and i will be on here on Sunday,October14,2012

  4. missbarbie1 says:

    hello my name is samyiah

    • zZGODZz says:

      when is the fight my monsters DO JO coming out add me if u want and if u got the answer my name is zZGODZz so add me and
      PS: im not the over zZGODZz they ust coppied my name

  5. Madboy8 says:

    I Heard The New FMM Guide Is Coming Out So I Hope You All Get It Because It Looks Awesome And I Hope I Get It Because It Comes Out 1 Day Before My Birthday.

  6. 3P1CNinja says:


  7. COOKSTERV4 says:

    you those fights epic. maybe some sort of real life monster show about monsters round the world.or maybe a prize channel or sumat anyways thanks for making the game ALL HAIL GROD!!!!!!!!!

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